About Thyrovanz™

Thyrovanz™ is pure Natural Desiccated Thyroid (NDT), a dietary supplement made from New Zealand bovine thyroid glandular which has been lyophilized (freeze-dried) to retain its freshness and potency.
Thyrovanz™ is used to support thyroid function, energy levels and a healthy metabolism.

Thyrovanz™ comes from New Zealand pasture fed cows that are certified BSE free.
New Zealand has never experienced any outbreaks of BSE (mad cow disease) and also bans the use of any genetically modified methods of farming and production. In addition, the cattle are not treated with growth hormones.

Many people feel they need some kind of thyroid support, but how do they know for sure? There is a relatively easy test individuals can do which is measuring basal body temperature. Basal Temperature (BBT) is the body’s lowest temperature over a 24 hour period. By determining BBT a person can discover whether their temperature is below average, which is an indication of low thyroid function.
  • Temperature should be taken before becoming physically active in the morning as any activity can increase BBT.
  • Temperature should be taken at the same time every morning and after at least three hours of continuous sleep.
  • A thermometer should be kept by the bed so it can be reached without moving too much.
  • Some digital thermometers may not be accurate enough so it can be best to use the old fashioned mercury thermometers which need to be kept under the arm for about 10 mins.
  • Remember to shake down the glass mercury thermometer before going to bed.
  • Record your BBT for at least 3 days a week to get a good idea of what your average temperature is.
  • For women, it can be best to do this test at the beginning of their cycle as body temperature naturally jumps up slightly from mid cycle (14 days) onward.
  • Normal basal body temperature should be between 97.8 -98.2 Fahrenheit (36.5 -37.8 Celsius)
  • People who find their BBT lower than this, could take this as an indication that they may benefit from natural thyroid support.
Some people notice a difference almost immediately, for others it can take a few days or even weeks. Find the correct dose by following the instructions below or in consultation with your healthcare practitioner and you should be able to find the right level for you within a few weeks of starting.
Thyrovanz™ is classed as a whole food dietary supplement with each capsule containing the natural contents of the bovine thyroid glandular which include thyroid hormones T4, T3, T2, T1 and Calcitonin. However being a natural product the relative amounts of these hormones have not been established.

While we have done our best to include as few fillers as possible, some are required to assist the manufacturing process and ensure each dosage is accurate. Aside from the Natural Desiccated Thyroid contained in each capsule there is also:

Gelatin, Long Rice Flour, Vegetable Stearate, and Silica.

Gelatin is what the capsules consist of and is made from gelatin and purified water. The gelatin is sourced from bovine which has been certified kosher.

Long Rice Flour is used as a filler as required and was chosen due its (relatively) non-allergenic properties.

Silica is used to ensure dosages are accurate and comes from the combination of silicon and oxygen, two of the most abundant elements on earth. Silica is often taken as a health supplement on its own.

Vegetable Stearate (AKA Magnesium Stearate) is a natural fatty acid used to ensure encapsulation machinery functions correctly. Our Vegetable Stearate is sourced from palm oil (non-hydrogenated, non-GMO).

These are the only other ingredients in Thyrovanz™ with the product being completely free from: gluten, eggs, sugar, dairy, soy, and nuts.

Yes, feel free to either email or print the following information sheet which contains relevant information for doctors: Information Sheet

They can also contact us directly if they have any further questions.

Taking Thyrovanz™

If someone is not taking any other thyroid supplement or medication, then starting on a low dose of no more than 50mg per day is usually suitable. This level should be maintained for at least 1 week before increasing by up to another 50mg to no more than 100mg per day. Continuing in this way until energy becomes stable without feeling over-stimulated (see side effects). A person’s ideal dosage is very individual as some people will do fine on 75mg per day whereas someone else may take 600mg per day.

If someone is taking another thyroid supplement or medication and has chosen (with the guidance of a professional) to try Thyrovanz™ instead, then it is often suitable to start at a higher dosage that more closely matches what they are currently taking. If the current product is a Natural Desiccated Thyroid (NDT), then starting at the same milligram dose would be a good place to start, however being prepared to either increase or decrease this amount depending on response. There are many different products on the market and each one is a little different so there are no exact conversions.

If a person is coming from a synthetic T4 only medication, then establishing a good starting dosage with Thyrovanz is more difficult, as Thyrovanz is natural and contains the full set of thyroid hormones produced by the body: T4, T3, T2, T1, & Calcitonin. For assistance with this seek medical advice from a supportive Doctor and/or locate information from some of the many thyroid support groups on Facebook and the internet as many other people have faced the same decision.

There are a number of ways to take Thyrovanz™, some of these are:

Early morning: Taking Thyrovanz™ as soon as you wake in the morning on an empty stomach. At least 1 hour before food and ideally 2 hours before coffee.

Split dosage: Taking a main dosage of Thyrovanz™ in the early morning (E.g. 100mg at 6am), then taking a smaller dosage in the afternoon (E.g. 50mg at 2pm). This can help to achieve a more stable level of energy throughout the day.

Micro dosing: Dividing your total daily dosage of Thyrovanz™ into 3-5 parts and taking small amounts between meals. This can be achieved by emptying 1 or 2 capsules (depending on your dose), dividing the powder into 3-5 even amounts, then popping it into your mouth either as it is or mixed with a honey.

The primary side-effect of Thyrovanz™ is over-stimulation which can occur if a person has taken too much at any one time. Signs of over-stimulation are: An increased heart rate or heart palpitations, feeling shaky or even a very mild tremor in the hands, feeling hotter than usual, and sometimes fatigue. It is important to reduce the dosage following any signs of over-stimulation.

The effects of over-stimulation are temporary and should be gone within a few hours, however please seek medical attention if this persists longer than 24 hours.

Changing to Thyrovanz™ from another (similar) Natural Desiccated Thyroid (NDT) supplement can be achieved by one of two ways. Slowly lowering the dose of the old supplement and then slowly adding in Thyrovanz™ by approximately the same dose over a number of weeks, or stopping the current supplement one day and starting Thyrovanz™ the next. Keep in mind that different thyroid glandulars may have variable potency so your new dosage may be a little higher or lower than before.
Unfortunately we are restricted from either giving specific medical advice. Thyrovanz™ does have the full array of naturally occurring thyroid hormones found in bovine thyroid glandular, however guidance in its use should ideally be provided by a medical professional who is knowledgeable on the use of Natural Desiccated Thyroid in supplement form.

Thyrovanz™ Policy

In the United States Thyrovanz™ is classed as a whole food dietary supplement and does not need a prescription. However there are some countries where natural desiccated thyroid may require a prescription and it is up to each individual to comply with the laws of their country.
We ship to most countries around the world. For more details and terms see our Shipping page.

Please note that non-US orders take longer to arrive and have limited tracking.

Products returned unopened and sealed are entitled to a refund minus any shipping fee.

Please contact us for return instructions.

We ship from a fulfillment warehouse located in New Jersey, USA.


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